For all of you who love bubbly water, this is going to be a tasty summer! Polar Seltzer recently announced their 'Limited Edition' flavors for the 2018 summer season and I can't wait to try them all!

If you're a Polar Seltzer fan, you may recognize two of the flavors coming back by popular demand this summer. There are also three brand-new offerings from the Worcester-based company.

'Raspberry Rose' (which was first introduced last summer) and 'Cucumber Melon' (which first debuted in 2013) will be the returning flavors while, 'Pineapple Lemon Twist,' 'Blueberry Tangerine' and 'Mango Cherry Bliss' will be the three brand-new flavors to try this summer.

I for one, always look forward to the new releases from Polar Beverages. Plus, I hear (from that Polar is releasing some of their seltzers in a new 'sleek' 12-ounce can!

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