WARNING: This article contains sensitive and graphic content, including images.

Recently, a man from South Hadley, Massachusetts, was brutally mauled by a grizzly bear.

Shayne Patrick Burke, an Army veteran who has been shot at, mortared, and has experienced explosives from an IED, said being attacked by a mama grizzly bear was the most violent thing he has ever experienced.

The mama bear was protecting her bear cubs, leaving Burke to protect himself alone among the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

Below are some images following the beat attack. Click the images to the right to see the gash to Burke's back, arm, and other parts of his body.

Again, I want to warn you that some of these images include graphic and sensitive content.

This story is crazy, yet it gives all New Englanders some insight into bear attacks. They CAN and DO happen.

The thing that saved Burke's life was his knowledge of what to do when a bear is attacking.

He tried the walk-and-talk prevention method...did not work.

He tried the scare-away method...did not work.

He tried the bear spray method...still, nothing worked.

So he did what he had to do: got down on his belly, covered his head, played dead, and hoped for the best.

The majority of bears in New England are black bears. Normally, talking loudly, banging sticks, or even yelling at a bear that may attack is enough for prevention. However, it is important for every hiker, camper, and really anyone in New England to know what to do during an actual attack, because bear sightings are frequent.

While playing dead is recommended for a grizzly attack, the National Park Service says that's not what you do with a black bear. Instead, if a black bear attacks, the park service says to "fight back with everything you have." Playing dead with a black bear is the wrong move.

Burke is extremely lucky to walk away from the grizzly bear attack alive. Use his attack as a learning moment.

Always communicate with someone about where you are planning on hiking or camping. Always communicate an arrival time (a time you should be back by). That way, if you are an hour late, the person knows something must have gone wrong. Always carry the right protection for your area (bear spray, proper clothing, etc.). And most importantly, make sure you know what to do when encountering these beautiful and protective animals.

Most of the time, it is talking calmly and avoiding the bear's direction. But if you are ever in that rare moment where an attack is inevitable, be ready.

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