I remember when pickles were just a condiment on a burger. Or maybe sitting in a big jar on the counter of my favorite deli. Then a few years ago, I went to B.B. King's Blues Club in Nashville, and had deep fried pickles.

As I recall they weren't really my thing. And since I'm not much of a beer drinker, I'm fairly certain the latest attempt at making pickles more than just something you put on a sandwich won't affect me in the slightest. But if you are a beer connoisseur...then you may love this.

Elite Daily claims the Down The Road Beer Company, of Everett, Massachusetts, is selling a pickle-flavored beer called Sam-Sam The Pickle Man. They say the beer tastes like spicy and sour dill pickles, and has an alcohol by volume of 4.5%.

The bad news is the beer may be sold out. Initially created to debut at Boston's Pickle Fair back in June, Elite daily says the beer went fast. As of July 20, the taproom had a single 4-pack available. So odds are it's gone by now. But who knows what the future may hold? I'd keep an eye on their Instagram page to see if they surprise everyone with another small batch release sometime soon.

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