People who REALLY get into holidays are my kind of people. A family in Braintree, Massachusetts has transformed their yard into a glowing ghostly graveyard. People have been driving from near and far to enjoy this festive feast for the eyes and ears. The house even has its own Community Page on Facebook for crying out loud!

According to, Denise McDonough and her four children dedicated an entire day to Halloween-ifying their yard. I'm not sure if the kids are still saying "lit" but that is exactly what this display is. They even have a trio of chatty pumpkins that involve surround-sound technologies. I wonder what they chat about all day. Maybe who has the most seeds in their head?

Some neighbors find the display less than entertaining. People have described the yard as "cheesy" and the noise is bothersome when folks are trying to sleep. Denise wholeheartedly admits that her neighbors' complaints made her want to ramp up the decor! Spiteful? Well, sure. Hilarious? Totally.

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