Animal cruelty, and other charges will be what an 18 year old homeless man faces after he allegedly killed a family's baby goat last week.

According to the Lowell Sun, Dominick Tidd was arrested Sunday. Lt. Chris Conrad of the Ashburnham Police Department said the goat named "Marshmallow," was reported missing and later found dead last week about 100 yards away from its pen near the family's home. The pen had a hole cut into it. Conrad stated police found evidence where the goat had been lead from the pen, and had been stabbed several times and had its throat cut.

The family's child named the animal "Marshmallow" because of its white coloring, according to the Lowell Sun. In addition, the family says more than just Marshmellow is affected. Two two male goats the family also purchased from the farm may also be impacted by the animal's death. Pat Stewart, who raises goats told the Sun "They're mourning the loss of that little goat, they form friendships."

Tidd, listed as homeless, had a last known address in Groton, Mass. In addition to animal cruelty, Tidd was charged with larceny under $250 and destruction of property, police said.

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