When I heard this story, I did not believe it. It did not make sense. It still doesn't.

Why would someone buy multiple tickets of the same lottery numbers? That would be silly...

It make more sense to purchase multiple tickets with different numbers? You know, "play the odds." Give yourself multiple chances of hitting the lottery, not just one chance on the same numbers.

Well, it turns out that when you play six tickets, all with the same numbers, and it hits...you don't just win the prize. You win the prize SIX TIMES.

Raymond Roberts Sr. of Fall River, Massachusetts, did just that. He went to buy a ticket for the December 14, 2022 "Lucky for Life" drawing at Royal Liquors in Fall River, and did something crazy, according to a UPI article.

He bought six tickets, not one.

Here is the catch: the six tickets he purchased were all identical.

He did not play the odds. He did not give himself the best chance.

Or did he?

According to UPI, Roberts said he relied on his "intuition" when he picked out his numbers. He had been playing the same numbers for more than 20 years, as they were a combination of anniversary dates and birthdays, according to UPI.

Wondering what the prize was? $25,000 per year FOR LIFE. But Roberts won on six tickets, so he won that prize...six times.

Although not necessarily crafty with his ticket number selections, Roberts did take his prize money in a unique way.

For five of the prizes, the veteran chose to cash out his 25k for life early. That is a $390,000 lump sum, per prize. That netted him just about two million dollars, according to UPI.

For his sixth prize, Roberts elected to keep the original 25k per year, for life (or at least 20 years).

Same numbers. Six tickets. Six prizes. $2 million cash and 25k a year for life.

Moral of the story: trust your intuition.

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