The fans who returned the banner are still hoping for tickets.

The Boston Red Sox were not on their game last night, losing to the New York Yankees, but an American East title is imminent. The banner almost didn't make it to Fenway Park. However, thanks to three Massachusetts men, it safely found it's way to the front office.

But they reportedly got nothing in return.

According to NECN, the Boston Globe reported  Louie Iacuzzi, 44, of Malden, Massachusetts and his two friends held onto the banner for two days, hoping they might snag game tickets or at least a chance, to meet their favorite players of the team. Iacuzzi told the Globe “We want to return it, we’re trying to do the right thing, but I’m not just going to hand it to them, know what I mean?”

Originally, Iacuzzi told the Globe he saw the object on McGrath Highway in Somerville Monday morning. He crossed several lanes of traffic to get the object, which ended up being a massive banner that read "2018 American League East Champions."

The team told the Associated Press that the banner allegedly fell off a vendor’s delivery truck. Red Sox spokeswoman Zineb Curran said in a statement the team has “been in touch with the people who have the banner in their possession and provided them with a variety of ways they may return it to us or the original vendor.”





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