He was the only person who had access to the new "smart meter" in 2017, and manipulated the system.

According to Boston.com,  Derek Paradis of Revere, was arraigned for larceny of over $250 by a single scheme in Chelsea District Court on Wednesday. He is being charged with stealing over $1,300 in quarters from the city's parking meters during late summer 2017.

According to the charges, Paradis was in charge of Revere's parking as head technician. While the city tested out seven new "smart meters," he was the only one who had access. Over July and August of 2017, the meters reportedly took in $1,377. However, a red flag went up when the money was not deposited to the city’s treasurer’s office.

For those keeping track, that's over 5000 quarters. 

Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins made a statement: “There is no higher calling than public and nonprofit service, and as public servants we are held to a higher standard of conduct.”

According to Boston.com, Paradis was released on his own recognizance and is planned to return to court on Aug. 1.

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