Working in the restaurant industry during the pandemic must have been brutal.

Every industry was effected, and hit hard, in their own way.

Nurses and medical staff had it the worst, hands down. That said, other industries really suffered their own battles. Teachers were forced to switch to remote, the airline and vacation service industry completely shut down, and restaurants across the country were scrambling to figure out a way to keep the business open while paying their employees.

Many restaurants closed. Some that were open for a short amount of time did not have enough savings in the bank to keep their employees on the payroll and continue to make rent payments. There were also restaurants at the other end; they had been open for so long and it was a good time to step back and close doors.

One restaurant owner in Massachusetts went above and beyond to thank her staff for the work they put in from 2019 until now.

After opening Toast a few months prior to the pandemic striking, Jessica Travis had to hire staff and switch to takeout only very quickly. It was a hard battle, lasting from 2019-2022.

Travis, owner of Toast, in Hull, Massachusetts, gathered her entire staff to complete a puzzle around Christmas just a few weeks ago. She wanted to show her staff just how much she appreciated their support to the restaurant.

Check out the second pic where the puzzle is complete.

"For the last three years, they stuck by me. Dedicated themselves just to make Toast what it is today," said Travis in a CBS News article. "So I had the idea, what better way to reward them than Universal Studios and Disney for a week."


27 employees, including family members, are going on an all-expenses-paid seven-day trip to Disney this May courtesy of Toast owner, Jessica Travis.

"I feel like if you take care of them, they will take care of you," said Travis to CBS. "I feel like my customers have been amazing."

Her employees have been by her side since 2019, and clearly for good reason.

"She treats us like family every day that we come in, treats us like one of her own kids," said employee Caitlin Ryan to CBS.

Here they are getting some much deserved publicity.

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