If you've been to Crane Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in the last 20 years, you will remember the shipwreck at the far end of Crane Estate part of the beach called Steep Hill.

It was about 125 years ago when the Ada K. Damon ran aground in front of Steep Hill Beach.  The ship was filled with sand headed for Boston but didn't make it, and eventually, after years of surf, was buried deep in the sand at the beach.

According to historicipswich.net, in 2004, the ship miraculously reappeared through the sand.  It was an instant attraction, especially for children exploring the battered wreck over the years.  It was the source of many photos and a destination for Crane Beach fans wanting to see a real shipwreck.

It was buried again by the tides and dunes, but reappeared in 2016.  The residents were overjoyed to see the famous Ada K. Damon again.

The Trustees - Crane Estate via Facebook
The Trustees - Crane Estate via Facebook

However, in the fall of 2020, a violent storm tore apart the remnants of the wreck and hurled it across the beach into the ocean.  It was big news in the town because the wreck had been on the beach for so long, and now it was gone.

This week, a 53-foot piece of the ship which washed up on Steep Hill Beach again.  It was a surprise to everyone, and the Trustees of Reservation are trying to figure out where it's been, and how it ended up back on the beach.

It's a fascinating story, which has nothing to do with pirates and everything to do with the mystery of the Ada K. Damon, built in 1875.

Here's the most recent report from Boston NBC 10:

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