Think you're a little groggy a day after losing an hour of sleep? Try being this two year old who hasn't quite become familiar with Daylight Savings Time.

Adjusting to the time change like whoa

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Any animal owner understands their pet cars zero about the change in time. However, any parent of a toddler can attest to their child struggling to adapt to the different time structure. Children like Fred, as documented by the boy's father, Eric Harrington.

According to Eric, Fred's meltdown began at their Shirley, Mass home around 7:30. "He started losing his mind and sat on the top steps screaming. If one of us stood at the bottom of the stairs he would stop crying and I asked him if he wanted bed, milk, food, a cookie, a new toy, $100, a trip to Disney World and eternal life and he screamed no to all of those things." Eric attempted a few videos, but the savvy Fred stopped whenever he would see the phone. Hence, the 'around the corner sneak-shot.'

How do you fix this? If you're Eric, you sit with Fred, pop in Toy Story for the 38th time, and he magically returns to his sweet, innocent self.

Ahhh, the 2's.




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