I guess we know where Mark Wahlberg stands in the great mask debate.  According to WMUR.com the star has just donated more than one million masks to schools around the country as a thank you to educators for their dedication during this dark time.  In a press release about the donation, Wahlberg said, “This is a great opportunity to partner with LifeToGo and help our students and educators across the county to stay healthy and safe so they can focus on education,” according to reporting from WMUR.com.


The donation is being targeted to at-risk schools in cities that are low-income areas where the need is the greatest.  Areas like Boise, ID, Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Grand Rapids, MI; Minneapolis, MN, Portland, OR and San Antonio, TX.  To kick off the campaign, Wahlberg sent out a video message where he states “As you know, this has been a year of change and stress for everybody.  But today, I want to thank our essential workers.  You guys have kept us healthy, safe, and supplied us with all the necessities.

He spoke of teachers, mentioning that they are often overlooked as essential to us.  I believe one of the biggest takeaways from this pandemic will be how valuable our teachers are.  Virtual school is a struggle for many, kids and parents alike.  I didn’t really need a reason to like Mark Wahlberg more, but this certainly adds to his appeal to me.  What a great guy.  It’s nice when those who have so much can give to those who have less.


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