Now I am not here to body shame. All of gods creatures are beautiful. Even this squirrel who eats his feelings from Newmarket, New Hampshire.

Rich Guidice, a long-time listener, and friend of WOKQ posted a photo of this chunky guy Sunday morning. His family lovingly refers to him as "Chubskins". He made a comment that after seeing Chubskins, he now knows where all of their bird feed is going. The mystery is solved! My guess is with this squirrel in town many birds are going hungry!

But rumor has it Chubskins plans to take on a healthier lifestyle in 2019. His New Year's resolutions include climbing more trees, eating less starchy snacks and maybe even integrating some squirrel yoga into his weekly routine. It's important to center his squirrely mind, body, and spirit. We wish Chubskins a happy and healthy New Year. In the meantime Rich should probably put that bird feeder somewhere Chubskins can't get to it.

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