Great White Sharks can be as evasive as a great NFL wide receiver.  So says in their story of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s efforts to tag an elusive Great White they have affectionately named ‘Jules’ after the New England Patriots wide receiver, Julian Edelman. I

f you think about it, the name fits like a glove because Julian Edelman shreds the defense every time he's out on the field.

According to, this particular Great White Shark was previously tagged in 2011 but somehow lost the tag.

No doubt he didn’t like his every move being monitored.

Elusive behavior has made it difficult for researchers to re-tag him, the article reported.  But alas, they have succeeded in tagging him once more and named him Jules. The hard work by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has paid off.

By tagging these Great White Sharks, researchers hope to learn more about their behavior.  Due to the increase in Great White Shark sightings this year, and the death of a young surfer last year, according to, this research is more important than ever in keeping our waters safe for both wildlife and humans.

So you go, Jules… just stay far off shore please!

The "Goat" is gonna need you this year.



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