It's hard not to like this kitty, and perhaps at the same time feel sorry for him weighing in at 31 pounds!

Hilarious footage of Logan, the 7-year-old cat slowly waddling around a hotel parking lot and then collapsing on the ground exhausted has taken the internet by storm.

He's the "unofficial" mascot at the Best Western Silver Fox Inn in Waterville Valley.  He is apparently exhausted in the photo below after he got into the chair.

© Best Western Silver Fox Inn/Facebook

He is becoming an internet icon after more than 22 million views of him basically laying around.

My cats Mishka and Mowgli don't get this type of attention, but they sure know how to make me move.  They remind me to clean the cat box and feed them.  Mowgli spends his nights resting against my legs while I'm trying to sleep.  Not a great feeling when the weather is warm, but perfect for cool fall nights.  He's a cat so he doesn't care.

© Patis Soriano/Facebook

Being that big must require several stops to rest on the way between the hotel and wherever he needs to go.