First it was Bitmojis, then Prisma now see what your face looks like with the dazzling filters of Meitu.

Meitu means "beautiful picture" in Chinese. This app is really popular with young girls in China but we folks out west are getting a kick of it regardless of our gender or age.

It's super duper easy! You download the app and make sure you have a forward facing "selfie style" photo in your album. Like this one!

Kira Lew

Give the app access to your photo album, pick your photo of choice and then you will see many different filters to choose from. Such as:

Fairy Tale


Kira Lew via Meitu


Kira Lew via Meitu

You may start playing with this on your phone and the next time you look up you will realize hours of your life have passed. Not speaking from personal experience or anything...