If you are in Boston today you may catch a glimpse of our First Lady Melanie Trump. Something tells me she won't be taking the T but if you work at Boston Medical Center you might see her walking the halls of the pediatric unit. According to WBZ it's all part of her “Be Best” initiative that aims to help infants who are born dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Boston Medical Center developed a program to nurture babies who are born with drug or alcohol dependencies. Cuddling babies isn't just fun because they are tiny and sweet. Cuddling provides tons of health benefits especially for newborn babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome. The news site states Mrs Trump will be touring the hospital’s pediatric unit today and meeting with children who have been successfully treated.

According to the Boston Globe, many Boston Medical Center employees are less than thrilled about the First Lady's visit and plan to protest. Those protesting feel that the Trump administration has caused significant harm to a great deal of their patients. The news site states Boston Medical Center treats an especially large number of low-income patients as well as many immigrants. These patients are feeling the effects of immigration crackdowns. Some are so worried about deportation that they have missed appointments.

A nurse midwife at the hospital said:

“What is it really that the first lady intends to do here besides being seen as a caring person that is holding a baby or two?”

What do you think?

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