A woman lost her boyfriend’s class ring way back in 1973 in a department store in Portland, Maine.

According to CNN, a woman took the ring off in a department store to wash her hands and when she reached for it minutes later it was gone. Her boyfriend, Shawn McKenna, was not that upset about the loss. In fact, he married that girl!

Debra and Shawn were married in 1977 and were together for 40 years until Shawn passed away from cancer, the news station reported.

During that time, the ring somehow made the long journey to Finland where it lay buried in a forest.

Enter Marko Saarinen, a 38-year-old that enjoys amateur treasure hunting by taking his metal detector into the forest in search of treasure, but he usually only encounters old coins. When he happened upon the ring, he knew it was unusual.

He did some detective work and thanks to the internet, Saarinen located who it belonged to and sent it back to Debra McKenna, according to CNN.

Debra has struggled since Shawn’s death but has viewed the recent return of her ring as a sign from her departed husband that all is okay.

She is quoted by CNN as saying “I was feeling a little lost for a bit, and now I feel like, okay, he’s letting me know that things are good, that the decisions I’m making are right and he’s behind me on it.“

Now that is a happy ending.


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