When my wife and I grocery shop, we are always strict about our list. We get what we need for meals. No snacks.

Okay, I already lied. We get one kind of snack, and the truth is, we get four bags of this snack: Mi Niña tortilla chips.

My wife will go through an entire bag of Mi Niña's cinnamon churro chips in one sitting, and no, I am NOT exaggerating. And I will do the same with either their Organic Sea Salt or Jalapeño Agave.

Last night, while I was eating my chips and salsa, I was reading the back of the bag, and read "First tortilla bakery in New England."

I had NO idea the best tortilla chips in the game came from New England, but they do!

And if you have ever read any of my food suggestions, hiking trails, or beer to try, forget it. Simply retain this: these are the best chips EVER.

Mi Niña tortilla chips come in a variety of flavors, made right here in New England (Boston, to be exact).

The flavors include Jalapeño Agave, Cinnamon Churros, Organic Sea Salt, Organic Blue Corn, Pico de Galo, Spicy Chipotle Lime, and more. They are all non-GMO and gluten-free, which is a plus for my gluten-free wife.

An even bigger plus is that they are super reasonably priced, depending on where you get them. When we get them at Market Basket, they are typically $3.99.

The company is relatively new, opening in 2011 and not getting into retail until 2013.

So if you are looking for your next chip for nachos, your next chip for dip, or your next and ONLY snack in your pantry, try Mi Niña today.

I promise you will never go back to Tostitos ever again.

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