There are only a handful of businesses that can remain open for over 100 years, and Migis Lodge in Maine is one of them.

Migis Lodge is an all-inclusive experience on Sebago Lake in South Casco.

To be frank, I did not think places in New England offered an all-inclusive package. I thought that was specific to islands, the Caribbean, or tropical destinations. I know, it was very naive of me.

But seriously, this place would make an amazing staycation for couples or families in New England. It would certainly make a great vacation destination for those outside of New England, but that shouldn't stop locals from booking a weekend away here, too.

According to Migis' website, this resort has so much to offer including waterskiing, canoeing, a disc golf course, and daily fitness and yoga classes.

My wife and I have been fortunate enough to go on a few vacations in the past few years. Our absolute favorite was at a resort in Costa Rica. We did not love it because of the views or the landscape, per se. We loved the offerings.

Like Migis, we could use water sports equipment every day, take a yoga class, or use other facilities like pickleball courts, basketball courts, and more, all of which Migis has.

That is what separates Migis Lodge from other staycations or resorts in the area. They offer an abundance of activities for couples and kids.

You could try a boat cruise on Sebago, or enjoy a picnic with one heck of a spread:

welltravelledchild via Instagram, canva
welltravelledchild via Instagram, canva

Migis Lodge has it figured out.

When staying at Migis, you can choose a room in the main lodge, or claim one of the private cottages. And they are gorgeous.

The private lodges come with a fireplace, bath appointments, cabin stewards, and even fresh flowers.

They are cute on the outside, and stunning on the inside.

welltraveledchild via Instagram
welltraveledchild via Instagram

I'll have to keep this post hidden from my wife, because this is a great spot for an anniversary or a weekend getaway.

Check out the all-inclusive resort that is Migis Lodge.

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