You have to be the lowest of the low to steal a catalytic converter out of a food pantry trunk.  I mean what is the point.  Why not steal the whole truck if you are going to steal from a charity?  Sadly, the We Care Food Pantry in Milton tells that someone stole the catalytic converter out of the truck they use to provide food to locals in need. The We Care Food Pantry picks up food in Manchester for the people in need during these tough times.  Without the truck, they can’t help people in this time of food insecurity.

This was a devastating hit for the team.  Happily, the community stepped in to help when they heard of the theft.  Roger Eaton, from the food pantry, tells “People just started responding. People said, ‘Can we give you a couple of dollars, can we give you a check, can we donate something.  I mean, people came in for the town and the communities. How amazing is that?


Although the We Care Food Pantry was really heartbroken that someone would steal from a food pantry, they are looking at the bright side.  It pulled people in the community together to help.  They were donated the cost of a rental truck for last week’s food run.  A donation was made to cover the cost of a new catalytic converter and a garage in Rochester had donated their services at no charge to do the install.  Even in the darkest of times, good people are a light that shines through and helps guide us.  What a wonderful community.



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