Devastating news for the family and friends of missing New Hampshire couple James Lawrence Butler III and Michell Elaine Butler.  CNN reports that a news release from the Kleburg County Sheriffs' office states “Our heartfelt condolences got out the family and friends of the Butlers on the tragic loss of their loved ones.”


The couple, from Rumney, New Hampshire had been traveling the county in their truck and camping trailer.  The two had been traveling the country taking part-time jobs since 2018.  James Butler’s sister Deborah van Loon has spoken to her brother, according to CNN on the 16th when he asked her to show his home to prospective buyers.  Since then, no one had heard from them.

The remains of James and Michell were discovered on Padre Island beach in Corpus Christi by a sheriff’s deputy buried in shallow graves in the sand.  The Butlers’ trailer and truck are missing.  There are currently no leads, but the Kleburg County officials plan to hold a news conference to seek the public’s assistance in tracking down the perpetrators of this horrible crime.  My heart goes out to the family.



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