A New Hampshire Mom was asked to leave a father/daughter dance in Lebanon this past weekend and now the tradition is being called into question.

Jennifer Meade told the Valley News that she was asked to leave a father/daughter dance that was held last weekend at the Carter Community Building Association in Lebanon. Meade said she went there with her boyfriend and her 7-year-old son, 5-year-old daughter.

However, not long after being at the dance, Meade says she and her son were asked to leave and rather than split up the family, all four decided to go.

The Association's Executive Director Shelby Day said it's hosted a father-daughter dance for about 20 years. It's also holding mother-son and family dances.

“(Meade) was not kicked out. She was encouraged to remain in the building and to hang out in our game room downstairs,” Day said. The CCBA dance is a 20-year tradition that allows fathers, uncles and grandfathers bonding time they might not normally get. Day said mothers are usually invited in to take pictures, but can then go down to the recreation center's game room.

The Valley News reports the CCBA will continue its father-daughter dance next year.

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