If You are Going to Hit Something with Your Car, Make Sure it’s Not a Moose


Let’s hope you don’t hit any animals with your car.  Hitting a Moose is probably the worst animal to hit.  New Hampshire State Police responded to a car versus Moose accident on Route 16 in Dummer early Sunday morning according to WMUR.com.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.


State Police Warn Drivers to Use Caution When Driving in the Dark


Early morning and darkness may have been factors in the collision.  State Police are warning New Hampshire residents on their Facebook page “Whether it be a deer, moose, bear, or smaller animal; these crashes can cause significant damage to your vehicle and result in injuries or even death,” according to reporting by WMUR.com.  Fortunately, no one was hurt in the collision on Route 16 last Sunday.  The car, on the other hand, does not look like it will recover.  The vehicle looks completely totaled.  It looks like a miracle that no one was hurt seriously in the accident.


How Big is a Moose?


If you have never seen one in person, head up to Kittery Trading Post in Kittery Maine.  They have a stuffed one in the store and it’s massive.  I knew Moose were big but to see that one in Kittery Trading Post made it really clear to me that it’s the size of a modern-day dinosaur.  It looks like something out of the past.  I think a Moose is no match for my mini cooper, so I am going to use extra caution when driving.  My wife recently hit a skunk and while it did no damage to her vehicle, it’s been a smelly mess ever since.  Let’s be careful on the roads and keep our eyes clear of wildlife of any kind.


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