I recently related a story about a Bobcat cub being stuck on the roof of a Burger King.  Just when the police think they have heard it all comes this crazy story.  Chalk this one up to adventures in housesitting.

A neighbor was house-sitting for friends in Farmington, New Hampshire when, according to boston.com, she heard a tremendous racket going on outside. The chickens were freaking out.

When she stepped outside to find out what the noise was all about, she spotted a Bull Moose in the neighbors swimming pool, the news station reported.  She quickly called the Farmington Police who arrive on scene scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get this large creature out of the pool.

They notified New Hampshire Fish and Game but before they could arrive, the Moose simply used the steps to exit the in-ground pool that had been mostly drained, according to Boston.com.

When asked how they had intended to remove the animal from the pool before he decided to stroll off on his own, Police Chief Joh Drury told Boston.com, “That’s a very good question.”

Perhaps the Moose was looking for a quick swim and was avoiding the beach because of the shark sightings?  Maybe he was just looking for a quick dip to avoid the heat.

Happily, the Moose seemed to be in good health, and no one was injured.   I love a happy ending.


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