Just looking at a fireball bottle is enough to give me a throbbing headache. I have been known to overindulge on the whiskey that tastes just like Big Red cinnamon gum.

I know I am not the only one who partakes in a shot of fireball or two on a wild night out.

According to WGME, recent sales data proves that Fireball now holds the position of number one spirit in Maine. It beat out Allen's Coffee Brandy!

The article goes on to say the distillery that makes Fireball, Boston Brands of Maine, just finished a $4 million expansion. This expansion has created 46 new full time positions.

This is fantastic news for anyone looking for employment in the Lewiston, Maine area!

The jobs range from $16.50 to $26 an hour depending on the position. Many of the jobs are already posted on Indeed.com and are marked *Urgently Hiring*.

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