You are never going to believe how much these parking spots cost in Boston.

Before I tell you how much they went for I need to describe how I found out.

Whenever writers find a story they want to cover, at least in our company, we have to "call bibs." AKA we have a giant group chat where all the writers will say what they are writing about that day.

When I saw an Instagram post that parking spots in Boston were going for $50,000 a piece, I called it right away.

I thought "50K for a parking spot is crazy..." then I realized that I made a mistake.

Not one, but THREE parking spots in Boston have been sold for 500K a year. So not $50,000 but $500,000.

That is a damn mortgage.

Surely this could not be true...but it is.

The Brimmer Street Garage is in Beacon Hill in Boston. Just recently, three spots sold for half a million dollars. Not for all three...but each one.

The Brimmer Street parking garage is nothing special. On the outside, it looks just like a normal garage. But for Beacon Hill folks, it is prime parking real estate.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The new 500K parking spots take over the previous record of 350K for a spot.

According to a Boston City Properties article, the previous record holder for the most expensive parking spot had some luxuries like a driver's lounge, having your vehicle ready for you when you arrive (upon text), and car detailing.

This spot was located inside the Charles Street garage.

With the new record spot selling for $150K MORE than the previous record, I have to assume there are some built-in luxuries...not JUST a good parking spot.

I'll never know what it is like to have half a million dollars to spend on a parking spot, but I sure can dream. That sucker would be heated, come with a beverage dispenser, and a whole lot more bells and whistles.

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