We can often tell where someone lives or hails from just by their words and language, especially if they don't have a pronounced accent.

While southerners tend to say "ya'll", New Englanders say "you guys."  It's "tag sales" in the northeast, and "garage sales" in the majority of the country.  Here in New England, we say "pail" instead of "bucket" and "sneakers" instead of "tennis shoes."  "Soda" is our go-to while "pop" is prevalent in other regions.  A '"frappe" is very New England, where everyone else says "malt" or "milkshake,"  You get the idea.

So do swear words map out where we tend to live, too?  According to Mental Floss, our favorite or most used curse words don't necessarily indicate where we're from, but each New England state has its favorite.

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According to Mental Floss, word games and social media guided this research around the country to find exactly what state or region prefers which of eight cuss words.

While the 'F' word is the most popular curse word in the country, Mainers prefer the 'S' word, while residents of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont fully embrace saying "F this" and "F that."  Rhode Island's favorite curse word is "hell", and Connecticut uses the word "bitch" the most.

And while New Englanders as a whole don't cuss the most, Maine alone is in the Top 10 states that swear the most across the country.  Meanwhile, the rest of New England is average, and Vermont curses the least of us all in New England, and near the bottom for Americans who like to swear.

Click here for the original study from Word Tips.

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