We may freeze first, but get ready for temps to reach into the 80's this weekend.

Fair weather boo-birds have been predicting summer's exit for a few weeks. However, autumn officially kicks in Monday at 3:50am EST. This weekend, Mother Nature gives us one last taste of summer.

According to the National Weather Service, after another cold night tonight, where even coastal communities in the Granite State will feel the freeze, temps will skyrocket Saturday and Sunday. With temps expected in the low 80's on Sunday, it'll be a perfect opportunity to take care of late summer chores like pulling your boat out of the lake.

From experience, this is not something you want to wait another few weeks to a month on. Then again, maybe you want to take the day to relax and bask in one of the last warm stretches of the year. Not to fear monger, but it could be another seven months until communities like the Lakes Region see 83 degrees again.



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