Fall is here, and with that, for me at least, comes the cravings of comfort food. You know, something preferably oooey and gooey and piping hot.

Hey, it’s cold out, we need something to warm us up, right?!

Yes, a grilled cheese and soup is always good, maybe some shepherd’s pie, but my number one pick would have to be macaroni & cheese.

I was recently reading an article from Buzzfeed that named the best macaroni and cheese in every state based on Yelp reviews.

The winner in New Hampshire? It was Mr. Mac’s!

Now this is where YOU come in. Do you agree with the choice? Do you agree that they’ve got the best? And what do you look for in your mac & cheese?

For me, I want the creamy cheese, but the top HAS to have some kind of bread crumb and a golden brown crust to pass the test.

As far as the cheese? Yes, the fancy cheeses are the craze right now, but I want the melty goodness of American thrown in there too.

I’ve done a scientific poll around the office (ok, I just asked a few people!) for their picks.

My list so far: River Road Tavern in Bedford (they actually put Cheetos on top!), 900 Degrees Pizzeria in Epping, and the Brickhouse in Dover.

Where’s your go to spot and what makes it THE best?

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