If you were anywhere on social media yesterday, you know Kim Kardashian was trying to break the internet with her latest photo shoot.  

The reality star posed for PaperMag.com. Warning, it is NSFW! Roy Sullivan who is in for the vacationing Mark Ericson decided to take a photo of himself to see if he could ever make it as a member of the Kardashian clan!

credit Roy Sullivan and Paper Mag

What do you think? Does he have what it takes to move to Hollywood and become a realty star?


Partly to mostly sunny skies in the morning followed by increasing clouds in the afternoon, high 48...40 in the North Country.  Snow?

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Doctors Without Borders says it will host clinical trials in three Ebola treatment centers in West Africa to speed up the search for a specific treatment for the deadly virus. The humanitarian group says the separate trials will be led by three different research partners and involve the U.N. World Health Organization and health officials in affected countries.

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