So I turn 30 this Sunday. I am usually someone who loves their birthday but this one is a little unsettling. My 20s have treated me so well, I am not sure I am ready to kiss them goodbye. But alas, time keeps marching on and whether I am ready or not this 30th birthday is coming. So I might as well embrace it.

The week is off to a fantastic start! Yesterday my girlfriends from college took me out to brunch at this really cool restaurant called "Gather" in Boston.

@shea115 via Instagram

They spoiled me with lots of bubbly, cupcakes and scratch tickets. And I won 25 dollars on one! I never win anything!

Kira Lew

So perhaps this is my lucky week! I have a concert and a fun weekend with friends in Portland to look forward to. Maybe turning 30 won't be so bad. And I can always just tell people I'm turning 29 again. #denial