When I first started at WOKQ I had a little apartment in downtown Dover. One of my favorite parts about it (aside from being a heavenly 5-minute drive from the station) was that Wing Itz was right across the street. I don't think a week went by that I didn't eat dinner there. I kid you not!

During my days as a neighbor to Wing Itz, I got to know the owner of the restaurant, Derek Fisher. Derek is such a hard-working, friendly guy!  He would always encourage me to try the more adventurous wing flavors they had on the menu such as peanut butter and jelly wings. It might sound scary but trust me they're delicious.

I was so happy to read on Seacoastonline, that another Wing Itz location opened this week. Now Wing Itz has three happy homes in Portsmouth, Dover and New Market. Congrats to Derek and the whole Wing Itz team on their success! And to my friends in New Market, you will never look at wings the same way!

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