My mom will probably kill me for revealing her age but she doesn't look it or act it, so really, it's just a number! She is 65 and since she retired 2 years ago she has done more than a lot of people do in a lifetime.

She volunteers at the "Samaritans on Cape Cod" and talks to people who are suffering with depression or suicidal thoughts. She also plays pickle ball, takes ukulele lessons, french lessons, is in multiple book clubs and now she is starting to give tours of the historical town of Sandwich, Massachusetts. She thought retirement would be boring, think again sister!

Her most recent accomplishments happened this past weekend. We ran the Falmouth Road Race together which is a 7.2 mile course. My mother is a very active person but running has always been the bane of her existence. Last year at this time, the thought of running 1 mile without stopping was unthinkable! Yesterday she ran 7. Isn't that so inspiring?

Ruthe Bayard Lew via Facebook
Ruthe Bayard Lew via Facebook

On top of skipping a 5k and going straight for the 10k (and then some), she also used a Porta Potty for the very first time! The woman is conquering fears left and right and I feel proud to be her daughter. Love you, mama Lew!

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