This may not be along the same lines as "Nessie" or the elusive Yetti, but nonetheless, one of the world's greatest mysteries have been solved!

If you were listening to the Morning Waking Crew Bonus Hour between 9AM-10AM this morning, you heard Mark himself let the secret out.  Here's the lowdown:

Since childhood, Mark always had his food served to him on separate plates. For instance, if he was having a steak dinner (what else is new!), the steak would have to be on one plate, the potato on another plate and his veggie on a third plate.  God love his mother for doing it for him, as well as Mrs. Ericson #1 and #2.

From what I can gather, Mrs. Ericson #2 is the wife that put the kibosh on that habit.  Now, whether or not that led to him and #2 to split and Mark finding a Mrs. Ericson #3 has yet to be determined.

Divorce Plate
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On Thursday, The Morning Waking Crew will be talking about Weird Eating Habits. Hopefully, we don't break up any marriages.

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