You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize this is a big deal.

NASA has nothing on Maine.

According to a successful rocket launch took off from Limestone on Sunday.

Did you notice something odd in the sky on Sunday?  The Maine company headquartered in Brunswick called blueshift Aerospace performed the successful launch of a 20-foot rocket that hit an altitude of slightly more than 4,000 feet, the report stated.

bluShift is working on technology to deliver small satellites into the earth’s atmosphere, according to, and they are working with clean energy to propel their rockets.

bluShift’s spokesperson Seth Lockman says, per, the fuel is a biofuel blend “So it’s very much nontoxic.  It’s carbon neutral."

The rocket launched was a test, but it was not empty.

The rocket contained a science project from Falmouth High School and a stroopwafel, according to The stroopwafel was put on board as a nod to the Dutch company.

If you have never had a stroopwafel I can attest they are delicious!  It’s like a thin waffle cookie with a layer of caramel inside.

The reason the rocket contained the science experiment and the stroopwafel was to have for the rocket to have some sort of payload onboard, according to

The company hopes to launch nanosatellites including Cube-Sats which are really tiny satellites that are no bigger than 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters, according to

When I said NASA has nothing on Maine, I was technically incorrect as some of the funding for bluShift did come from NASA.  With the successful launch hopefully, the company continues to work on these rockets and create more jobs in the area.



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