The season is almost here.  Warmer weather, yes, but those dreaded little biters that can make summer so annoying.  We are talking about mosquitos and their nasty bites.

We've all struggled with having a nice summer night under the stars, and those insects being unbearable to the point where you have to go inside and continue the evening indoors.

Spraying chemicals are not an option for many, especially if kids and dogs are around.  There's a new option people are buzzing about, and it's something you might already have in your cabinet.

Influencer @love_AmandaRose posted about this, and it went viral.  She tried this method on her child and said "it worked like a charm".

It seems the essential oil pure vanilla extract works wonders for redirecting mosquitos.  Pure vanilla hides the scent of sweat and body odor, which attracts the insects, plus it smells way better than the scent of bug spray, according to

Here's the caveat.  If you use vanilla as a mosquito deterrent, it needs to be pure vanilla, not imitation vanilla used in baking.  The imitation vanilla is not pure, and contains sugars which emit an intoxicating aroma for the insect, attracting them and having the opposite effect intended.

There are many essential oil concoctions online as well, but many experts find vanilla and lemongrass oils to be most effective. They last one to two hours before another application is needed.

Another thing to consider is the color of your clothing.  Neutrals don't attract mosquitos as much as red, orange, cyan blue, and black.  So rethink what you're wearing to the next outdoor gathering, and what aroma you are giving off.

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