Their conversation hearts are a staple every year for Valentine's Day. The New England Confectionery Company has announced new sayings for this year's crop of chalky goodness! I weigh in with my Top 5!

'NECCO,' which is based in Revere, Massachusetts held a contest for news phrases this year and a sixth-grader from California suggested the winning...'Pugs and Kittens' (get it, 'hugs and kisses!') It's one of the many 'phrases' that will be stamped onto the multi-colored heart shaped candies for your sweetie.

“Pugs & Kittens” joins the other contest-winning phrases: “Luv 2 Dance” and “Girl Power.”

The company's other new sayings for 2015 are: “BFF,” “Te Amo,” “Je T’aime,” along with a smiley face and a mustache symbol.

My Top 5 Would Be:

5. 'Oh No!'
4. 'Wake Up!'
3.' MWC'
2. '2K'
...and my #1 saying would definitely be
1.  'On Air'

I think NECCO should consider doing a 'radio-theme' next year!

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