Thomas Northcut

Fosters.com is reporting on an outstanding man from our area, Mr. Bob Brown. At the ripe old age of 81, Bob Brown just won the Federation of International Masters Basketball Association World Championship for those 80 and over in Espoo, Finland.  That’s right.  He is a straight-up world champion athlete at the age of 81.  Of course, this victory was a follow up to win at the National Senior Games Association championship he won for 3 on 3 basketball in Albuquerque, New Mexico in June.


Brown has had a passion for sports since he was a kid and never stopped playing.  While attending High School at Dover High in the 1950s, he took a dislike of his high school basketball coach who would randomly bench him no matter how well he played, and he played well.  Brown turned to football, but an injury sidelined his hopes of playing sports competitively in college.  He never stopped playing sports though.  Nothing could keep him down.  He played intramurals during his college years from undergrad, through grad school and even through his doctorate.

He went on to teach at Cal U in Pennsylvania but never stopped playing.  He began attending the National Senior Games and the rest is history.  Fosters.com quotes Brown “If you don’t want to die, stay active and eat right.”  I’m putting my donut down to see if I can pick up a game of hoops somewhere.



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