Are you ready for a new BBQ hot spot in your favorite town?  I know my mouth is already watering at the thought of some barbecue chicken.

According to, the old Mel Flanagan location on 50 North Main Street in Rochester is about to open as Mitchell Hill BBQ.  The restaurant will be part of the city’s revitalization efforts.

Bob and Roxanne Benoit know BBQ, the news story states, as for the last 7 years, Bob and Roxanne have been operating a catering business featuring smoked meats. quotes Bob Beniot saying “We use apple, black cherry, and sugar maple to fuel our smoker.”

Yum. That’s BBQ done right!  Bob studied BBQ under World BBQ champion and celebrity chef Myron Mixon, who has a school in Connecticut, according to Fosters.

If you are down for some BBQ, steak, and burgers your life is about to get happier. reports that Mitchell Hill BBQ plans to open the other side of their building and make it a tap-house to serve craft beers, cider and wine.

Mitchel Hill BBQ is scheduled to open to the public on November 13 and host a grand opening on November 15.

I live in Rochester so I know I will be checking out Mitchell Hill BBQ.

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