Yay!  Seacoastonline is reporting that developers of Portsmouth Green received the green light to go proceed with a conditional use permit so that Pinz Portsmouth can open a bowling alley/entertainment center/restaurant.


Pinz Portsmouth will have 10 bowling lanes and feature several arcade games.  Winter plans are set for me! No opening date is set yet, but I will be first in line! I love bowling.  One caveat that Board Vice-Chair Elizabeth Moreau put in her motion was that Pinz put out information at its entertainment establishment regarding bus routes to encourage people to use the bus line that stops at Portsmouth Green.  This will be especially helpful for young people that aren’t old enough to drive.


According to seacoastonline Pinz Portsmouth will also be offering seasonal outdoor dining so this looks to be a year-round hot spot for the area.  There are some nice high-end apartments in the area and the Cinemagic movie theaters are there so parking is going to be tight. Taking public transportation might be your best bet.



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