According to a local news site, a new nanobrewery has opened in Swanzey, NH! According to a nanobrewery is a brewery that produces no more than 3 barrels of beer in one batch. A brand new New Hampshire law has added more structure to what a nanobrewery is though, defining them as breweries that produce less than 2,000 barrels annually.

David Smith is the co-owner of the new Swanzey watering hole along with his pals Ryan Gale and Eric Johnson. It's called West LA Beer Co. Why West LA? Swanzey, NH, is nowhere near west Los Angeles! LA stands for  Lower Ashuelot for those who are confused.  According to Smith, the town of Swanzey was known as Lower Ashuelot, and the brewery is less than a half-mile west of the Ashuelot River, HENCE THE NAME!!

According to the Sentinel Source, the brewery seats nearly 50 people and has six beers on tap and expect to have two more added soon. There’s also outdoor seating for the warmer weather months and a food truck on the weekends! weather permits, he added, and often a food truck on the weekends.

For more information about the brewery follow them on Facebook!

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