According to NewsOne, a New England activist from Brattleboro, Vermont named Curtis Reed Jr has started a petition for Ben & Jerry's to name an ice cream flavor after Colin Kaepernnick.

Curtis claims that Ben & Jerrys has been "talking the social justice talk for over 40 years. However, it has yet to walk the walk of racial justice as evidenced by who it chooses to feature on its pints of ice cream.”

Over the years Ben and Jerry's has highlighted a plethora of celebrities including Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jerry Garcia and many more. The only time that Ben & Jerry's has celebrated a black American in its 40-year history was back in 2009. They came out with the flavor, "Yes Pecan" which was a play on Former President Barack Obama's campaign motto "Yes we can."

Ben and Jerry's made a statement about Reed’s passionate petition:

“While we don’t talk about future launches, we can say that we admire Colin Kaepernick for courageously standing up against racism and injustice in our country. Particularly in these times, standing up for equity and justice is as important as it’s ever been.”

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