Apparently, simply making a number of top 10 lists wasn't enough. This city now takes the gold for foodies of America.

According to, Portland, Maine has vaulted into the enviable position as number one on the list of foodie cities in the USA. This is based on an experience from the author of a recent article. Sonia Taylor recently stayed in Maine's biggest city at the famed Press Hotel, where she was thoroughly impressed. As someone who used to live down the street from it, I once also had to see what the hotel was about, even IF that meant paying money to basically be able look at my apartment from a hotel room. It's highly recommended next time you're there. 

After walking through the Old Port, Taylor wrote "This is the type of city every traveller hopes to stumble upon: a local gem with seriously good food and happy people."

Of course, there was the food. Among the treats experienced were "duck fat-fried Belgian fries cut from Maine potatoes at Duck Fat; blueberry pie at Two Fat Cats Bakery; hake croquettes at permanent food truck East Ender; the legendary coconut-almond cream pie at Tandem Coffee + Bakery."

After raving about dinner at UNION Restaurant (at the hotel)  Sonia commited a "cardinal travel sin: leaving somewhere great too soon. I mean, I’d barely made a dent in my ‘places to eat’ list – a true crime."

It's right up the road for most of us. Whether it's 'Vacationland or 'Staycationland,' The Maine city is leaving other food cities in the dust.

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