There aren't many Costco Wholesale locations in New England, with only 1 in New Hampshire, 1 in Vermont, 1 in Maine, 1 in Connecticut and a whopping 6 in Massachusetts.

There are a few other wholesale clubs like Sam's Club, or BJ's Wholesale, but none make rotisserie chicken like Costco does.  In fact, it's a "go-to" fast dinner for many families, as it's always moist and tender.

Rotisserie chicken can get expensive, but Costco, famous for it's low prices, many in bulk, only charges $4.99 for it's in-house roasted chicken, and in some places only $3.99.  How can you beat that?

It's like those famous Costco hotdogs at their fast food counter.  It's the best lunch deal around at $1.50 for a hotdog and soda.

Back to the chicken, Costco has decided to make the packaging more sustainable. Instead of the domed plastic containers, the company is opting for plastic bags which reduce the amount of plastic.  The domed plastic packaging was not recyclable and with the number of rotisserie chickens Costco sells, this will make a big impact.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

According to, the bags will represent a 75% reduction in plastic use in a year, which in turn is equivalent to reducing 1000 trucks on the road.

Here's a staggering number.  Costco sold over 137 million rotisserie chickens nationwide in 2023.  Think about how that kind of simple change in packaging can result in a huge reduction in plastic in our world.

This is happening across the country in stages, so if your Costco hasn't switched over yet, it's coming, like it or not.

Kudos to Costco.  Sure it's saving them money, but saving our planet too, so everyone wins.

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