The new season of Stranger Things makes many references to New England, especially Maine and Massachusetts.

The fact that a show that takes place in a rural town in Indiana is mentioning New England shocked me. I mean should it have, probably not, we are wicked cool. I guess I just was not expecting to see more than one New England reference in this hit series.

I promise that if you have yet to watch season 4, I will not be giving you any spoilers here, because that would just be mean.

In season 2, Will's mother, Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder dates Bob Newby played by Sean Astin. After terror strikes the town of Hawkins (again) Bob mentions to Joyce about them possibly moving to Maine a few times. Now, I know that is not a huge reference, but the fact that Maine was mentioned a couple of times is pretty cool. SPOILER: They did not move to Maine (that's too bad for them).

Fast forward past season 3 and onto season 4. Nancy Wheeler is getting ready to go to college and already has been accepted (early acceptance shall I add) to Emerson College. Emerson is mentioned a few times in the season, but what stood out first was that Nancy was wearing an Emerson College t-shirt.

This I connected with instantly since I too went to Emerson College. If you don't know, Emerson College is in Boston, MA. So, it was wicked cool seeing my college up on my TV. This is not the first show that I have seen someone wear an Emerson College shirt, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia also had an episode where Mac wore one but not as cool as a character actually going to be moving to Boston to go to Emerson.

If you have yet to see season 4 (or finish it), you can check out the trailer here prior to watching the show.

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