The victim was sleeping when the vandalism happened over the weekend.

According to WMUR, reported through CNN, Gus and Annmarie Klein, of Burlington, Vermont awoke Sunday morning to find the couple's 'Trump 2020' flag burnt and left on the porch of their residence. He noticed a pole the flag was attached to was on the ground, and the flag was missing.

The veteran, who served two terms in Afghanistan was left with a number of questions. "I don't know if this flag was on fire when they threw it on my porch, I can only assume that it wasn't, but if it was, that's not right at all."

Klein told CNN he realizes he lives in a 'blue state,' but welcomes anyone to sit down and share their views with him. However, one thing he will not tolerate is destruction of any kind. "Knowing people are out there that would do this, there is fear in my mind, and it's not right."

No word if there is an ongoing investigation.

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