New Englanders, beware of mail fraud!

Technology is a great thing, all this information at our fingertips, everything we want all right there. If you're an Amazon Prime member like I am, how great is two-day delivery? You can even sometimes get stuff the next day, and in some major cities you can have stuff delivered to your house in a few hours.

You've heard the saying there are two sides to every story? Technology also has a downside, like getting ripped off just like that.

According to, 45 residents of Kittery, Maine, had gotten scammed in connection with fraudulent use of the U.S. Postal Service’s Informed Delivery service. That's an app that lets you know when your mail shipped through the post office will arrive.

Somehow, cybercriminals are able to get all your information including, your social security number in connection with the service. These guys are not even from the New England area either.

So, according to seacoastonline, they steal all your info and then they order credits cards in your name, then steal them from your mailbox. Yeah, your own mailbox. They reportedly use this app so they can track when the credit cards are arriving and you have no idea.

They use them at ATMs, and buy gift cards from major stores and then sell them. Seacoastonline reported that they have targeted New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts residents.  The news article stated that two of the four cybercriminals have been caught in connection with the fraudulent use of the informed delivery service app.

Well, I guess my mom is onto to something because she is so paranoid that she uses a P.O. Box and drives to the post office to get her mail everyday, and she's 80.

Guess mothers really do know best.

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