Our own New England boy Mark Wahlberg posted a shirtless pic of him flexing his muscles and its unbelievable. He’s 48 years old and I feel personally attacked for not looking even remotely like this. Yahoo.com says he chalks up his newly polished bod to “Six months of Performance Inspired Nutrition, Aquahydrate, and F45 training. Clean eating.

Inspired to be better, team training/life-changing. According to Yahoo.com, Wahlberg has a long history of being a dedicated fitness buff and has been known to talk about his 4 am workout routine and the fact that he uses a cryo-chamber that goes down to 150 degrees below zero to help his muscles post-workout. Here's a little tidbit, in 1994 I was working for a station in New York City @ The World Famous Z100 and I lived in North Jersey and Mark and I worked out at the same gym(Gold's Gym) in North Jersey. It looks like he kept working out!

It's inspiring but most of us have a job. I get up early, but I don’t have access to a cryo chamber. I was thinking maybe post-workout I could just go jump in the Ocean off Hampton Beach? As far as clean eating goes, I would have a hard time giving up cookies. And I would have to work out. Oh well, he is rocking it at 48 so maybe it’s time for a New Year’s Resolution to eat better and work out more. I don’t think I will be competing with Wahlberg but maybe I can aspire to be my own personal best. Way to go Mark Wahlberg! Inspire others with your dedication.

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