This is the perfect time of year to binge on sweets! You will burn off all of those calories when you start going to the gym for your new years resolution in January. That's my logic anyway.

Forbes took a survey to find out what the most popular holiday candy is in each state. Maine and New Hampshire are traditionalists, we went with old faithful:

Candy Canes

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Oh our neighbors in the Bay State of Massachusetts, they love the candy canes too! I am fond of the candy cane. Although, I feel they can be awkward to eat. When it gets to the hook portion of the cane, I find it challenging to maneuver. I usually end of biting it and we all know that is a one way trip to the dentist's chair.

Many states in the midwest are fond of Peppermint Bark.

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Utah loves their Reindeer Corn. What on earth is Reindeer Corn? I had to Google it and it looks just like candy corn except it is red, green in white. VERY interesting!

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Chocolate Santas are a hit in Wyoming and North Dakota.

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You know what my favorite sweet treat is this time of year? Lindt cookies!!!

So good it shouldn't even be legal.

Whatever delectable treats decide to shove in your pie hole this holiday season, I hope you enjoy them. You deserve it!